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Pinkster Gin Boozy Berries - 300g

Wine facts

Style These lucky little blighters have lived the life of riley. Infused with Pinkster Gin they're now wonderfully inebriated and at your service
Grape Raspberries and Gin.
Country UK
Food Pour on your ice cream, dip in chocolate, or whatever else tickles your fancy.


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Other Details

Not only do we sell the fabulous gin, but now the actual raspberries used to make it.  for   A must for your Christmas stocking and other cheeky little presents you may have in mind.

Since launching in 2013, Pinkster has slipped down a treat, establishing itself as a quirky premium gin.

Distilled in small batches, they hand-steep fresh, locally grown raspberries in the core spirit at our HQ near Cambridge. Pinkster make a marvellous G&T, with a distinctive colour and delicate flavour appealing both to seasoned gin drinkers and recent converts.
G&J Distillers produce the base gin with five botanicals to their original recipe. They then macerate with a further three botanicals.

Best of all, Pinkster recycle the raspberries, albeit slightly intoxicated, and sell them in farm shops and food halls as Boozy Berries.

Used in cakes, desserts, cocktails and even sauces!