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Rebel Wine, Coming soon...

Wine is fun, so are our labels.

Here is our first batch…. and this is just the beginning. 




Rebel wines are made especially for us, by award winning winemaker Matthew Copeland from Vondeling Estates in South Africa.  The highest quality wine is clearly essential for full enjoyment.  These will never disappoint.

We will soon be supplying them in fully recyclable, lightweight 200ml tin cans.  These are perfect for any glass free events and parties, especially out door festivals;  Light and easy to carry around anywhere you go and very easy to recycle.

Their naughty little secret, is that they will have a small amount of CBD, derived from the cannabis plant, in each can.  It has no effect on the taste or smell of your wine, but maybe has many other benefits.

CBD is the non psychoactive ingredient of Cannabis, so will not get you high and is completely legal.  That effect comes from THC, which is responsible for the mind altering effects we all associate with marijuana.  

Some say CBD has many medicinal benefits, including inflammation and pain relief, as well as possible help with anxiety, depression and some cancer symptons.  It may help with acne, heart health and neurological problems including Parkinsons, Altzeimers and Epilepsy.

One theory is that it may be helpful in easing hangover symptons.  So you could actually cure your hangover before it has even arrived!

All will be revealed soon…....