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Cantina Il Palazzo Chianti Riserva DOCG 2016

Wine facts

Style Ruby red with a tendency towards purple. Clear and lively. Fruity aromas of red and black berries (red currants, black currants, sour cherry, black cherry, peach skin). Secondary aromas of rhubarb root, quinine and liquorice. Mildly tannic. Balanced acidity and alcohol content. An elegant wine for long-term cellaring.
Grape Sangiovese and other grapes
Country Tuscany, Italy
Food It pairs well with elaborate pasta dishes, red and roasted meats, and game.


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Other Details

Ruby Red with loads of fruit; red and black berries. Mild tannins, beautifully balanced and elegant. 14.5% ABV

 From Tuscany, Italy

14.5% ABV

Winery: We’d like to tell you a story about an area and a passion. Right on the site of TENUTA IL PALAZZO, there was once a simple post station for travellers along the Salt Road (or Ariminensis) that joined Rome to Rimini. Over the years, the inhabitants of the area began to work these fertile fields.

The estate was divided into four farms: four very large patriarchal families - as was common at the time - lived and worked here. There were at least 55 people! And then? In the 1960s, industrial developments attracted farmworkers away from the land, leading to the flight from the countryside. Our estate suffered this problem too, and unfortunately, between 1965 and 1970, many of the people left.

But like all good stories, ours has a happy ending! In 1971, the Banelli family took over the running of TENUTA IL PALAZZO, together with paid farm labourers. A few years on, in 1976, Anna Maria and Primo began restoration work on the HAMLET and farm. This was the dawn of a genuine process of rebirth.

Large-scale irrigation systems were put in, plus an artificial reservoir to collect rainwater for use on crops in the summer. And the winery too was returned to a new splendour... And then? Well, we like to let our products speak for themselves!