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Success in Platter's Guide 2024

Matt Copeland, our senior Wine maker receiving the award for Vondeling Philosophie 2019.

Philosophie Crowned Red Wine of the Year !

We are thrilled to announce that Vondeling Philosophie 2019 has been named Red Wine of the Year, Cape Bordeaux Category in the Platters 2024 Awards.

It will be in the UK by the end of March. Although we will only have limited stocks.

Please call to place your order in advance : 01264 737770.

Celebrating success!

Matt Copeland bought home the Platters award not only with 5 stars, but as the No 1 in category!

News and Reviews!

Introducing LECAP low alcohol wine!

With a crisp and refreshing palate full of red berries, floral undertones and a citrus summer twist; LECAP is light blush in colour, with refreshing acidity, a soft texture and medium body. Made with cold-pressed Merlot grapes grown in South Africa’s Western Cape on the sunlit foothills of the Paardeberg Mountain, the rosé maintains a full, robust flavour with half the typical alcohol content. Priced at £14.10 RRP per 75cl bottle, LECAP has only 56 calories per serving.

Red Wine is 'good for sexual health'

That got your attention!

Our friends @thedrinksbusiness have reported that Red Wine is 'good for sexual health'!

Its all about moderation of course, enjoy a read and indulge in glass or 2 ... You can thank us later. Click the link to read the article.



Brand New Wines from New Zealand

Duck Hunter Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir - they finally made it to these shores!  

We are delighted to introduce our latest wines from New Zealand: great tasting & great value!

Sauvignon Blanc : £18.75 per bottle Pinot Noir : £19.95 per bottle.

Use KIWI10 for 10% discount off these and all our wines until Midnight 30th June.

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