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Vegan wine

Rupert St Aubyn

Posted on November 11 2020

What makes wine vegan?

Vegan wines are made without using any animal products. It sounds simple, however, let us explain.

You see, not all wines are vegan. Whilst they typically start out completely fruit-based, it’s the production techniques used in many older wineries that can quickly turn a blend into one that vegans would avoid. 

How does it work?

During the fermentation process of a young wine, tiny molecules such as proteins, tartrates, tannins and phenolics can appear. They’re all natural by-products and completely harmless to consume, but they will produce a cloudy or hazy appearance. 

In an industry where looks really do matter, most winemakers wouldn’t market their products if they weren’t crystal clear. Most, if left long enough, will self-fine, but the quickest and simplest solution has traditionally come from the introduction of fining agents. 

Whilst there are vegan-friendly alternatives, many of the most common fining agents such as albumin (egg whites) or casein (milk protein) contain animal products. These are removed from the wine once the process is complete, but tiny traces can be absorbed. 

Are all our wines Vegan?

The vast majority of our Wines are Vegan. Modern wineries like ours, use sophisticated wine making techniques with filters so fine there is no need for any fining agents. So no animal products are used. We state by each wine if it is suitable for a Vegan lifestyle.




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