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Wine facts

Style Smooth with a delicate balance of sweetness and citrus.
Grape Gin including Citrus, Coriander and Lavender
Country Provence, France
Food We suggest Fever Tree Mediterranean or Fentmans tonic, but basically low sugar tonics, lots of ice and lemon, and maybe a rosemary sprig.
Vegan Yes
Awards Gold at London Spirits Competition 2020 & Double Gold the Sip Awards in the USA voted for by consumers.


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Other Details

QVT is short for 'Quatre-Vingt Trois'. 83 in French.

It is the code of the department where QVT is based, in the heart of Provence.

The gin is smooth - smooth enough to be sipped over ice - light, with a delicate balance of sweetness and citrus. Most importantly? The juniper stands up. It's punchy on the nose, followed by a caramel sweetness. Over ice, it louches (meaning it's likely made with fresh citrus peels, the oils of which cause the liquid to cloud) and the fragrance is softened. To taste, it's a delicate balance. Coriander seed makes itself known and the juniper remains present, with herbal undertones and a long finish. Plus, the packaging is pretty stunning too.

Serving instructions

We suggest Fever Tree Mediterranean  or Fentmans tonic, but basically low sugar tonics, lots of ice and lemon, and a maybe rosemary sprig !

The  Alembic

QVT refers to their still as “the Alembic”, a word that dates back to Middle Age French and that originates from the Greek word Ambix.

Their Alembic is hand-made by Christian CARL of Germany, a family owned company that has been making distilling equipment since 1869. The Alembic is made from copper and stainless steel. These are the best materials to use for distilling as copper reacts to the spirit to remove some of the sulphides and both copper and stainless steel work as heat conductors to stop impurities from contaminating the spirit. It is possible to make a still from almost any metal, but copper provides the best consistency of taste.

The Botanicals

Selecting high quality ingredients is critical to the flavour and identifying the best suppliers is a vital part of the gin-making process. Fortunately for QVT, Provence is rich in so many of the ingredients that go into QVT Gin that the majority can be sourced on their door step. The botanicals include Juniper, Lavender, Rose-flower, Rosemary, Coriander seeds, Pine and Grape, which all give the gin an aroma that captures the essence of Provence!