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Touriga Cha People


Born in 1966, in Oporto, Portugal Jorge Rosas is the 5th generation of wine producers, being the great-grandson of Antonio Ramos Pinto and son of José-António.  On the sale of A. Ramos Pinto, the family business in 1990 to Champagne Louis Roederer, José-António bought the tiny vineyard which is now Quinta Touriga.

Jorge inherited Quinta Touriga from his Father in 1996 and planted more vines as well as building the winery, with the aim of producing some of Portugal’s finest wines to honour his Father.  This he is gradually achieving with the outstanding Quinta Touriga Cha.

He is also a member of the Board (“Chancelaria”) of one of the most prestigious brotherhoods in the world, the “Confraria do Vinho do Porto” (the Port Wine Brotherhood).