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Pecorino 420 Torri Cantine 2023

Wine facts

Grape 100% Pecorino
Country Italy
Food Ideal served with seafood just as it is in Abruzzo’s coastal resorts or with simple cod dishes. It is also lovely with fresh or medium-aged cheese.
Vegan Vegan Friendly.
Awards IWSC 2016 Silver


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Other Details

ecorino is an early ripening, thin-skinned grape, native to central Italy, mainly grown in the Marche region and Northern Abruzzo and in small amount in the surroundings regions. It is a rustic variety at home in the mountains, and so prefer cooler climates. It was indeed the favourite wine of the shepherds who used to enjoy it slightly fizzy (due to a second fermentation in the spring) with some Pecorino cheese. It was therefore nicknamed the “uva delle pecore” which in English translates as “the grape of the sheeps. The bunches are triangular in shape, recalling a sheep's head which it is thought to be another of the reasons for the grape's name. It is little known in the UK (or not as well- known as the cheese with the same name) but this is a delightful, Italian wine with plenty of style and character.

Wines made of Pecorino has a distinctive smell of roses beautifully blended with aromas of apple, pear, banana and citrus. High acidity is very typical of Pecorino wines (the variety is especially rich in malic acid). The key for making great Pecorino wines is indeed seeking acidity rather than reducing it. It is a wine to enjoy as a fresh and soft Pinot Grigio but with extra flavour and elegance.