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Test Valley Gin - 70cl

Wine facts

Style Fresh savoury Gin
Grape Gin
Country UK
Vegan Vegan Friendly.


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Handcrafted, herb infused by Kate Griffin

Inspired by Kate’s mum’s home made sloe gin and a love for all things juniper, Kate took it upon herself to do some extensive experimentation into fresh flavours at home. She discovered that despite being a teacher by trade, she is also very good at infusing gin.

Test Valley Gin was launched in February 2017. Each bottle is completely handcrafted by Kate in her grandad’s kitchen a few miles from her home. Its made with home grown fresh herbs; no flavourings or essences.

Kate does everything herself, from crafting the gin, bottling, labelling and delivering every single bottle. It really is a labour of love. She sources everything locally. Her mum grows the basil and thyme for her; a local development chef, Alex Seaton, sources the other fresh herbs from local kitchen gardens.

Infused with fresh basil and thyme.This is a more savoury gin. Best served over ice with your favourite tonic and a sprig of fresh thyme.